Student Guidance and Discipline

Student Support and School Ethos

We promote a caring, respecting and harmonious learning culture and atmosphere with our whole school approach toward education, counselling, all-round learning activities, student support, moral and civic education. We provide appropriate support to students with different needs and abilities in order to help them learn better.

All the teachers in the school participate in the promotion of student discipline and counseling, cultivate students' positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and bravely face the opportunities and challenges of life and growth.

One pupil One duty

In order to develop pupils’ spirit for service and sense of responsibility,each pupil will be assigned one duty.

Secret Angel's Mail Box

Students can write letters to communicate with Sister Angel of the school to share personal, family, interpersonal, academic, health, emotional and life feelings. Sister Angel will reply to the students to express concern and love.

Good Student Award Scheme

Set up a student reward plan, in line with the theme of school-based moral education, and encourage students to do their part as students. Each student is given a "Good Student Award Scheme" booklet at the beginning of the school year to record the individual's performance in school life and moral behavior during the year. As long as the student is approved by the teacher according to the theme goal, they can get a stamp. Students who have accumulated the highest number of stamps in the class and performed well will be recommended by teachers and given rewards to show encouragement.

Understanding Adolescent Project (Primary)
2023-2024 P.1-P.6 Displinary teacher
  1. Level Disciplinary team supports the emotional and behavioral counseling work of students in their classes.
  2. Assist other classes in the implementation of coaching, showcase and enourage team spirit in the coaching group.
  3. Closely communicate with the class teacher. 4. Hold regular meetings with the class teacher to assist students in need.


2023-2024 P.1-P.6 Displinary teacher



Mr. Li Kwun Hung、

Ms Wong Lai Yin


Ms Man Wai Hien、

Ms Ho Wing Lam


Mr. Cheung Ching Ho、

Ms Fung Lai Sim


Ms Fung Lai Sim、

Ms Yip Po Kwan


Mr. Chan Ka Man、

Ms Chan Ka Yuk


Mr. Cheung Ching Ho、

Ms Ma Tsz Yan


In order to let students realize the importance of mutual assistance and encouragement in group situations and to develop the spirit of serving others, the school selects suitable students to serve as prefects every school year. Disciplinary work mainly focuses on assisting teachers to maintain regular school duties and give a helping hand. At the end of each semester, the class teacher recommends new members of the disciplinary team. The teacher in charge chooses the new/old members according to their performance records.

Classroom Convention

Discuss and formulate with students in the new school year and follow up throughout the school year. Classroom conventions are posted on classroom wall boards to remind students to cooperate and abide by them.

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