School-Based Speech Therapy Services

Our school provides speech therapy service by employing experienced speech therapist based on school resources. Speech therapist supports students with language problems, and strengthens communication and language skills of students in whole-school basis.

Aims of School-Based Speech Therapy Services
  • Reduce the impact on communication and learning by improving students’ language ability
  • Improve their quality of life by enhancing students communication motivation and skills to
The Working Mode of Speech Therapist
  • Three service areas: prevention, treatment and enhancement
  • Four support levels: school, student, teacher and parent
  • Service modes: individual/group therapy, thematic lunch/after-school activities subject collaborative teaching, parent observation/consultation, teacher/parent workshop
Therapeutic Areas of Our School
Common Speech and Language Problems
  • Articulation: failed to produce specific phonemes
  • Comprehension: failed to follow classroom commands, answer questions or comprehend story contents
  • Expression: imprecise/inaccurate vocabulary use, simple and limited variety of sentence structures, poor reporting skills
  • Voice: rough and harsh quality, low/high pitch
  • Fluency: repetition of syllables/words, prolongation of sounds/syllables, inappropriate pausing
  • Social: low motivation to communicate, failed to maintain topic
Flow of Service
  • Student would receive individual/group training when diagnosed to have language impairment
  • If your child has received speech therapy service before admission, please notify the class teacher and refer to therapist for follow-up. The student's previous speech therapy service report should also be submitted to school as a reference
  • If the symptoms of language impairment are found by teachers, they will immediately refer to speech therapist for assessment with the consent of the parents
Frequency and Mode of Treatment
  • Speech therapist provides stationing service every Monday, Tuesday and Friday
  • The number of training sessions is based on the severity of language disorder
  • The upcoming session of speech therapy would be stamped on student handbook in advance
  • We would provide individual or group therapy (2-3 people in each group) according to severity of impairment and treatment goals
Home-school Cooperation
  • After the lesson therapist would distribute worksheet and stamp the notice on student handbook. Parents are advised to practice with student by following the training instructions
  • After completing the exercise parents are welcome to write down their responses/comments on the worksheet
  • Parents are welcome to visit the school for observation of lesson to gain a better understanding of student performance and training techniques

*If you have any enquiries, please contact Ms Tsui or the Speech Therapist Ms Ng (Tel.:24556111).

  • Address:Estate Primary School Area 1, Tin King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.
  • Telephone:2455 6111
  • Fax:2464 2990