Parent's Education Programme

To strengthen the communication and relationship between parents and their children, and to understand the student's learning situation and the problems they face, our school will set up a new free "Parent's Education Programme" for parents. By using a variety of different content, we aim to strengthen the role of parents in the family, let parents master practical parent-child communication skills and discipline methods, help children solve learning difficulties, and enhance collaboration with children. The programme further strives to improve children's interest, effectiveness, and self-confidence in learning. Ultimately helping children grow and develop in a safe and healthy environment.

Parent's Seminar

Understanding child development

“Cultivating Children's Self-Management Ability”

Promote parents’ physical and mental health

“Stress Management and Resilience”


Parent's Workshop


“Understanding the Twenty-Four Solar Terms and Making a Thread-Bound Book”

The Twenty-Four Solar Terms are a dynamic system that aligns with the changing weather patterns and guides agricultural practices in Chinese farming society. It reflects the traditional Chinese values of adapting to and respecting nature, showcasing the unique understanding of the universe held by the Chinese people.


In recognition of its significance, the Twenty-Four Solar Terms were included in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016. This recognition has profoundly impacted the international meteorology community’s cognitive framework.


In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms. They will have the opportunity to personally arrange the order of the solar terms and create their own exclusive small thread-bound book as a keepsake. This book will serve as a personalized reference, allowing individuals to note the dates of each solar term throughout the year. It’s a wonderful way to engage with this cultural heritage and deepen one’s connection to nature.

“The Art of Opera Facial Makeup”

Traditional Chinese opera facial makeup is a distinctive artistic practice in which actors adorn their faces with specific patterns and colours. This technique is primarily employed to depict characters falling into the categories of cleanliness and ugliness. Each character typically has their own unique set of patterns and colours, emphasising their individual personality traits. The art of opera facial makeup serves an artistic purpose, enabling the portrayal of moral judgments, the distinction between good and evil, and providing the audience with a visual means to gain insight into the character's inner thoughts. Hence, facial makeup is often referred to as the “picture of the soul” of the character.

Opera facial makeup utilizes a variety of colors to convey specific character traits, temperaments, or represent particular character archetypes. For instance, red facial makeup symbolizes loyalty, bravery, and righteousness, as exemplified by characters like Guan Yu. On the other hand, black facial makeup signifies staunchness, integrity, and courage, as seen in characters like Bao Zheng and Zhang Fei. White facial makeup generally portrays traitors and villains, such as the character Cao Cao.



“Understanding the Twenty-Four Solar Terms and Making a Thread-Bound Book” Workshop
Parents through parent-child music and painting sharing to learn how to lessen pressure.
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