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Cultural Exchange -Sichuan

"Sichuan Cultural Exchange" - The teachers the fourth, fifth and sixth grade students on a visit to Sichuan. In order to get a better understanding of the local student’s learning environment, we first conducted exchange activities with, our sister school: Ziyun Primary in Mianyang City located in Sichuan province. Teachers from the two schools had a professional exchange session in conference rooms discussing the teaching of the English subject while our students experienced attending STEM lessons with the students of Ziyun Primary School. Afterwards our students were asked to think of the differences between Sichuan and Hong Kong.

We also visited Jina Qiang Village, Jinli Ancient Street, Dujiangyan water conservancy project and the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu which provided us with a thorough understand of the history and culture of Sichuan. We also visited the Beichuan earthquake sites which left us speechless. We could sense the suffering of the local people as a result of the Beichuan earthquake, and realized how grateful we should be for the life we are living and all the things we have. The Sichuan Cultural Exchange trip made us reflect on our lives but we also look back on a happy experience.




Visit to Sichuan Ziyun Primary School


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