School-base Coding Curriculum

Our coding curriculum:


The Theme of Teaching Content for Whole Year


  • Knowing the hardware and computer devices (e.g. Mouse, Keyboard and main drive)
  • Windows Operation system (Some simple functions for Win10)
  • Learn about English Typing


  • Unplugged Programming (Teaching different coding skills such as logical thinking, calculation and problem-solving skills through playing board game.)
  • Editing and sending the e-mail
  • Internet security
  • Image tool (Win10)
  • Principles of Computer Operation


  • Chinese input method
  • Online identity and privacy


  • Scratch: Basics (Characters and Stage setup)
  • Scratch: Drawing (Drawing different shape and changing color by using coding)
  • Scratch: Game Designer (Egg Drop Catcher and Jungle Maze)


  • mBot coding: Basics (Instructing the mBot to move and programming the light and sound effects by coding)
  • mBot: Ultrasonic sensor (Instructing the mBot to avoid the obstacles by using the ultrasonic sensor module)
  • mBot: Line-following robot (Instructing the mBot to follow the line to move by using the color sensor module)
  • Excel (Handling and sorting data, calculating the sum and average, making Charts)


  • Micro:bit: Basics (Showing different text and shapes by coding the micro:bit)
  • Micro:bit: LED Dice (Making a LED Dice by coding the micro:bit)
  • Micro:bit: Hiking Helper (Making a campus by coding the micro:bit)
  • Micro:bit: Anti-theft Program (Learning to use “Radio” blocks and built-in light sensor on the micro:bit to make an anti-theft device)
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