S. R. B. C. E. P. S. A Introduction

S. R. B. C. E. P. S. A. Ho Sau Ki School’s mission is to offer the society with a structured, multicultural, educational service that would nurture excellence in youngsters and help them to positively contribute to society when they grow up. Furthermore, our school aims to provide children with the best learning environment that provides a platform to establish their education and talents turning them into educated, skilled, caring  and responsible citizens with critical thinking skills.

To nurture children toward having positive values and outlooks on life so as to fulfill our school pledge that aims to apart from academic achievement also train our pupils to be faithful, honest, responsible and develop good values all of which serves to help them establish a fruitful and meaningful life. In passing these values on to the next generation our alumni is devoted to help rebuild the China falling mountain schools in order to improve the learning environments of these Chinese students in Mainland China. Up to now the restored schools include The S. R. B. C. E. P. S. A. Gin Chong School in Kwai Chow, The S. R. B. C. E. P. S. A. Liu Li Village School in Kwang Szi, The Tse Yun School in SiChuan, a sister school of two Hong Kong S. R. B. C. E. P. S. A. to which educational trips are arranged. S. R. B. C. E. P. S. A are conterminously and eagerly involved in raising funds with which to help the falling mountain schools in remote disaster areas. Furthermore, to make the management more accountable, an Incorporate Management Committee was established. Memorable documents and cultural relics were donated to the Hong Kong Education Museum, opening this experience up to the public.              

2018/ 2017 name list of the management member
Consultant:Mr Tai Wai Yin ,the lawyer

Chairman of Management Committee 

Mr Lo Kong Fai

The first vice chairman  

Mr Lee Kwok Hung

The second vice chairman

Mr Poon Chak Kan


Mr Yeung Yiu Chung


Miss Ho Suk Yin


Miss Ho Wing Yee, Miss Van Tsz Man


Mr Yeung Kai Cheung, Miss Li York Lan


Mr Wong Kwok Keung


Miss Ng Woon Ling

General Affairs 

Miss Chung Yim Hung, Miss Chan Hang Nam


Mr Kwong Lap Chung, Miss Chim Yun Ping

  • Address:Estate Primary School Area 1, Tin King Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.
  • Email:info@hosauki.edu.hk
  • Telephone:2455 6111
  • Fax:2464 2990