Parent Volunteer Course and Services

Most parents want their children to develop attributes such as obeying rules and learning initiatively. In addition, the school also hopes to promote Home-School Cooperation and arrange for a good team of parent volunteers to work together in nurturing our children's growth. The school has, therefore, set up a series of parent volunteer courses titled: "Storytelling PaMa" and "Board Game PaMa", with the hope that after the completion of these courses, parents will not only have gained skills to educate their children but also to become parent volunteers in the school, supporting the development of the school and implementing the philosophy - "Care for my own aged parents and extend the same care to the aged parents of others; love my own young children and extend the same love to the children of others".
Board Game Corners
Storytelling PaMa
Parent Volunteer Services
Parents in our school are enthusiastic about serving the school and our students. Fulfilling the spirit of Home-School Cooperation and uniting the power of our parenting team.
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