National Security Education

National Security Education

Schools can implement national security education through classroom teaching and life-wide learning activities to strengthen students’ understanding of the rule of law and the conditions of our country, enabling them to understand the importance of national security and enhance their sense of national identity. In addition to national security, relevant contents also help students learn about the conditions of our country, and enrich their understanding of our country’s history, culture and latest developments, as well as the Constitution and the Basic Law.


Sing the national anthem and raising the national flag and playing the national anthem

In order to promote national education, cultivate students' national concepts and national feelings, and strengthen students' recognition of national identity, the school set up a student flag-raising team, responsible for raising the national flag every day, holding the flag-raising ceremony and playing and singing the national anthem every Wednesday; On days and special occasions, such as: opening ceremony, open day, graduation ceremony, sports meeting, etc., the flag-raising ceremony will be held. In addition, the national flag will also be raised on New Year's Day (January 1), the anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (July 1) and National Day(October 1) to show respect for the country and enhance the national concept of teachers and students.




A flag raising ceremony is held once a week.

The school flag-raising team is responsible for the ceremony.

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